Test Post Numero Uno

Well, first test post on my first blog ever. Hoping this works right. I’ve never done this before. Generation of the technologically savvy, my butt (that or I’m just the weird one, most likely).

So yeah, I’m Destiny Sherman of #en3177. I’m a senior, 23 years old. I love to read, write, draw, listen to music, jump on the trampoline, and care for animals. I have a cat, a bunch of fish, two ferrets, and a chinchilla currently (we used to have way more pets but they’re all old and dying now). I’m not much for social media but I do have a lot of accounts on writing and art sites. Only social media accounts I have really are Skype and, thanks to this class, Twitter ( @Meowster_Drose ).

I’m an avid writer of fantasy stories and anything fiction. I jump from story idea to story idea, so I have yet to actually complete anything that isn’t a short story. I’ll probably blab a lot about my various ideas here to make posts. We’ll see.

So yeah, let’s see where this thing takes me.


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