Outdoors Looks Deceiving

It looked so sunny and warm out today. I wanted to go outside. But nope, still cold as heck. We hit -25 with wind chill at my place. It’s currently -29 according to WeatherBug.

So I’ll stay indoors and write and watch videos on Youtube. I waste a lot of my time on Youtube. I should probably be doing more productive things but it’s nearly -30 out so I’ll procrastinate. I do that too much, too.

One of my ferrets keeps trying to steal food from me. Berry Crunch cereal. She likes sugar. She shouldn’t have sugar but she really wants it. I just give her one piece and pray she leaves me alone. No wonder her name is Smore, sugar-loving slinky rat… But I love her and her sister Bandit very much.

Think I’ll write about one of my miscellaneous stories next post. We’ll see.


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