What Was Mom Trying To Do To My Hair This Time?

Mom decided to dye my hair again because apparently having plain brown hair is no fun. And the purple from my last dye job had faded to pink, if anyone sitting behind me in class noticed. So mom brought out the purple, tossed me dad’s old shirt that we use for dyeing, and told me to hop to it.

Twenty minutes of sitting in a chair and enduring both cold globs of hair junk falling on me and the chemically smell of hair dye, forty-five minutes of waiting for it to set, and a twenty minute shower to rinse it all out later…

The top is some weird mix of my usual brown and some red tint to try and cover up any remaining blonde from my last dye job. The back is purple. The front is…either black or a very, very, VERY dark shade of purple that looks black.

We have no clue where the black-purple came from. I’m declaring that the shades mom used on me were different. The labels both say purple. Frankly, I look very strange, in my opinion.

Classmates in en3177 will see what I mean on Tuesday. Maybe I’ll take a picture later so everyone else that isn’t in school with me can see what I mean. We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “What Was Mom Trying To Do To My Hair This Time?

  1. I wish I was brave enough to just dye my hair like almost everyone does. I really want a light ash grey color. Change is hard for me though. Maybe I’ll do it once I have the money to. That’s my current reason for not doing it. Although I’m sure I’ll come up with something else when I get my next paycheck.


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