What a morning…

So I wake up today a little late because I was up until 3 last night talking to friends over Skype. I go to the bathroom and then immediately have to get out because my brother has to go. When he has to go, get out of his way because he means business. So I decide to get breakfast.

I barely finish getting my breakfast together when we get a phone call. It’s my brother’s girlfriend, whose car I saw going up the driveway while I cooked said breakfast. She’s stuck on the driveway, no traction. She didn’t even crest the top because she slowed down and her tires spun, so she reversed back down into the ditch right by the house.

So I’m not even up half an hour and I’m in boots, gloves, and coat, walking around in snow that’s dumping into my boots, shoveling snow from the underside of a very low-set car. Then we push it out of the ditch and have my brother drive it up the driveway because hey, he’s a competent driver, right?


He did exactly what she did. He slowed down midway up, managed to halfway crest the top, and got stuck. So we (me, my mom, and his girlfriend) have to go up and push him over the top onto the plowed road. When people plow our road, the top of our drive develops a lip of gravel and junk, making it hard to crest if you don’t do it in one fast go.

So that was my morning. Fun. Welcome to Minnesota.


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