Weekly Reflection

According to Twitter, I still have time to post this? Sweet!

Kinda running behind with these but I’m determined to push through and do this right. Chugging out posts each day as best I can. Hope it’s worth it.

Not really learning anything new beyond the fact that I may hate reading by the time this semester is over. Blame all the novels my Creative Writing major dropped on me. I’m reading two novels a week, along with writing poems, doing essays, and class textbook assignments and readings. I may have to turn into a book-hater when this is done. Ugh…

I have to keep reminding myself that Twitter is a thing still. I’m unused to using it.

Gonna force myself to budget my time better so my assignments in this class aren’t being done at the last minute, like my What Is A Blog? assignment. Really need to work on that and pray I don’t die of stress when it’s over. We’ll see.

Now to go tweet this post’s link…because I need to remind myself to do that now.


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