What Make A Blog A Blog? part 2

Snooping through others’ follow-ups for this assignment and it seems to concept of helping to form your identity and help you evolve is a popular answer for this. What information we give and suppress has a huge effect on how much our readers know about us and what we can learn about them and ourselves. Blogs have the power to change people, depending on what information is given or discovered.

I never thought of the fact that not everyone is sincere or honest in their blogging. I’ve been sincere so far but I can see the benefits of being the only person with all the info about yourself. You can share facts at your leisure or make something up. Nobody will ever know unless they know you personally. And be honest, how many people on the internet amongst all your “friends” know you personally?

Who cares if you’re real of fake? I think that is completely up to the blogger. The reader will only know what the blogger puts out there. They may be able to get a certain “image” or “understanding” of the blogger’s personality but this may be fictional. And that’s okay.

Emma Guthrie

Of course, there doesn’t seem to be any one true definition for a blog. A blog can be many things, depending on the blogger and the readers. Whether it’s a personal diary, a news feed, or a literary publishing blog is all up to the blogger. With it, they will grow and expand in the world, enriching their experiences and, hopefully, the experiences of their readers.


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