Racing to Completion

Well, what do you know? I’m probably going to be late (if I’m not already) to uploading my second self-portrait assignment (there’s no way at this point I’ll get a third in unless I upload an old photo of myself and declare it a selfie or something cheap like that). Funny story behind this.

I would’ve had this done on Friday, Saturday at the latest, if my weekend hadn’t been hijacked. *glares at parents* The one weekend I plan to do more than laze about in my room…and my mom decides it’s family weekend and she’ll eat up all my spare time with chores and together-time. Not that I mind together-time. Just not when I had planned to do work.

I know what you’re thinking. But Des, why didn’t you tell her you had homework and get out of it?

Yeah, that doesn’t work with my mom for two reasons. One, I’m only ever home on weekends and my brother is an @$$ so I’m really the only other person she can have proper together-time with that won’t end in some kind of screaming match over something really insignificant. Two, it’s near impossible for me to say no to my mother due to past experience and the fact that I’m an intense people-pleaser, especially toward my mom.

So yeah, I’m currently racing to finish my second self-portrait and I’m not very pleased with it at all. Frankly, it’s going to be a cruddy version of what I envisioned because instead of being digital…it will be traditional…so no special effects or anything for some points of it. But it’ll be something and at this point, I can’t afford to be picky.

Expect to see second self-portrait in an hour or so. Weekly Reflection will be posted immediately after that. If I somehow pull a third self-portrait out of thin air, that might get posted later tonight. We’ll see.


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