Weekly Reflection 2

As stated here, I would’ve completed my second self-portrait for the identity assignment far soon had it not been for my family deciding it was time to spend quality time together. At least it got done, not as nicely as I had initially planned but it’s done. Got to play with my Sharpie markers, especially my shiny ones.

The first self-portrait was very easy to decide. That song has been played to death around me. It truly does define me because every detail of that chorus is me. My grandmother is named Rosemary. I look just like my father. My mom is my biggest fan. My friends love me despite my flaws. That’s who I am, legitimately.

The second self-portrait was easy in theory. I just felt like drawing something, since art plays a huge part in my life. I wanted to draw a bunch of things but lately, Poetry 2 has me focusing on what people see us as and what we see ourselves as, the contrast of light and dark. So I decided to do that. It was kinda difficult, had to keep flipping my notebook over to draw the bottom part properly. I tried to color-match with the words, traits that I and others have in ourselves, but I had to adjust some to avoid reusing colors.

I had initially planned to draw it traditionally and then digitize it in Firealpaca (free Photoshop-like art program that I got online from a friend). Due to weekend events, I wouldn’t be able to do that without posting it late tomorrow. The bad thing about doing tradition was the coloring, especially since I was using Sharpies. Once I picked a color, I was committed to it, no take-backs. Overall, I think I did relatively well on it but it could easily have been much better. Oh well, next time…

I believe identity is a constantly evolving thing. It’s not set in stone. As you change–your appearance, likes, dislikes, experiences–your identity will change with them. Not everything about your identity will be approved of by others, of course. We don’t live in an accept-without-judging society. There is something about us that somebody somewhere in the world will not like. Kinda like the “something in here will offend someone” thing in libraries (can’t recall exact quote, stated in Literature for Young adults class). An identity is not just about who you are, it’s about what you do. An identity can be everything about you or just pieces. It just depends on what you put out there for others to see and judge.

Still working on the time budgeting thing. Gotta work around those books and my urge to procrastinate. Hoping this becomes a winning battle for me in the near future.

I’m off to rest. My lungs hurt. I’m praying I’m not somehow high from all my Sharpies. I’m gonna eat and maybe dig around to see if I can get a third self-portrait up. We’ll see.


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