A New Pokemon?

A friend recently sent me this article declaring a new Pokémon has been revealed for the next Pokémon movie (along with confirmation for Volcanion, the last of the three mystery X/Y Pokémon revealed back in 2013 by a hacker alongside Mega Latios and Mega Latias). Of course, I went straight to Bulbapedia, my usual source for Pokémon info (sorry, Serebii lovers) and found this. While it’s a shame I missed whatever the video was, I have been painfully behind on Pokémon stuff since the announcement that Red, Blue, and Yellow would be released on the 3DS.

According to the articles, this new Pokémon is a manmade Pokémon called Magiana. The text on the page states that it was “made by human hands”. It looks very much like it will be a Steel-type, perhaps Steel/Psychic? It was created 500 years ago and apparently has a secret that only Volcanion knows, possibly the reason it is chasing Magiana according to the page.

The guy who sent me the link to the article joked that it looks like a mecha Diancie and a Lopunny had a child. He also misread the name as “Mangina”. Wonderful…

So yeah, this will be a new category for the blog. Pokémon stuff!


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