I swear, something is out to mess with me tonight.

First, a plastic bag starts moving in my room. Why is there a plastic bag in my room? Because the ferrets play in it while I watch them. But the ferrets are in the cage. Why is the bag moving? I thought a ghost was in my house…but then I realized the heat vent under my bed had clicked on, the air funneling out just right to make the bag move.

Then I got to call my cat in. Mom is at the back door, I’m at the front door. I open the door, reach up to activate the motion light…and see this brown blur whiz away from the porch. I ran back indoors right away. Mom had the cat at the back door. Mom says the blur was likely a rabbit eating the leftover carrots we had tossed out for them. I’m not sure, sounds legit but that was really fast for a rabbit.

I’m just having a really creepy night. And mom leaves tomorrow for Orlando, Florida for a week-long vacation. Can I really survive being alone in this house that long? We’ll see…


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