Will the house live??

So, mom is on vacation. I have to go back to the dorm tonight to attend class and go to work until Friday.

That means leaving my brother…in the house…alone…

Granted, he has a job and a social life that keeps him out of the house mostly. That worries me too. My brother is forgetful, irresponsible, and not very trustworthy with the wellbeing of things, like our pets. He’s the kind of guy who would leave the stove on, leave the house for ten hours, and come back to a pile of ash in place of the house.

We’ve got a texting schedule in place so I can make sure everything is okay. I’ve got his work schedule so I know definitely when not to call him. I’ll be dropping feeders into the fish tanks to keep them alive while I’m gone. I’m topping off the food and water of the chinchilla and ferrets. The cat can generally care for herself and she can make enough racket to force my brother to care for her, unlike the rest of the critters.

Gonna be a rather stressful week for me. If I’m not all there in class, you’ve got an idea what I might be distracted by.

I’m hoping that everything, house included, survives until Friday. We’ll see…


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