My brother brought up a very interesting topic at dinner last night while he, his girlfriend, and I were at Perkins.

We had just gotten our meals served to us and he got the (I think) Hearty Man Combo, which is a meat platter. I had a cheeseburger and fries while his girlfriend had eggs, pancakes, and hashbrowns. We were all eating until he started playing with the eggs that had come with his meal.

“Hey, since eggs eventually grow into chickens, does that mean eggs are unborn meat?”

We had the stupidest conversation after that about what eggs were. My brother and his girlfriend decided that yes, eggs were unborn meat. I said no, eggs are protein but not meat. Somehow our waiter got dragged into the topic and last we heard, all the cooks in the back were talking about it.

Then I made his girlfriend choke with my next statement. “#UnbornMeat”

On our way back to my dorm, the question had been asked to all of their friends via text. #UnbornMeat was born. My brother thinks it will be the next trending debate topic.

So I challenge you, readers. Are eggs unborn meat? Leave your answers below and spread the word.




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