Weekly Reflection

Better churn this out before the week ends.

As anyone reading knows, my mom went on vacation last weekend so I’ve been stressed out during the week about leaving my younger brother in the house. Good news, the house is in one piece and nothing died. Mom returned safely and everything is good. Yay!

The WikiName assignment this week wasn’t too bad. I had planned to finish the third article this weekend but personal stuff got in the way. At least I got two of the three done, roughly. Citing all the sources I used was kinda hard since I didn’t want to interrupt the flow of the articles but it had to be done. Somebody else with more refactoring experience will probably come along to clean that up properly one day. We’ll see.

CollaborativeWriting was easy to do since I have done that myself. Surprising, there isn’t many articles that I found (that the original page writer hadn’t already used) on collab writing. Makes one curious.

WritingIsLearning was difficult. I tried research first, which kept scoring me articles on Writing-to-Learn, which I was unsure of. I thought it may be applicable and, since the page itself was blank, tossed that and my own thoughts on the process of writing in learning on there. My first threadmode, definitely. Hoping I didn’t mess up the point of the page altogether.

Overall, not very hard of an assignment but it made me think and have to dig, both online and in myself. Not a pleasant experience but I did what I could with what time I had. Oh well…


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