What a great weekend…not…

Well, two major things happened yesterday and today.

One, I got a letter for jury duty schedule between April and June. That’s scary. Filled out the form online, now I just have to wait for what they might throw me on. Hopefully they decide to skip me because I’m a full time student. If I vanish for some reason between those dates, you know what I’m doing. Ugh…

Two, my brother went to jail for the first time…for his first DWI. He called at 4 in the morning. Nobody answered, of course. We were all asleep. He’s out of jail now, got his license pulled, has a 7-day work permit for driving, and came home two hours ago really shaken about it. We warned him about the drinking and driving thing. Ugh…

Even better? The loyalty of his friends got tested.

…They failed. They partied on without him. Nobody went to try and help him or alert us sooner about what happened to him. Naturally, he’s upset about that. Again, he was warned. Pick your friends well, bro. You failed.

This people, is why I will never drink and partially why I do not want to drive. Stupid things like this happen. Irresponsibility at its finest.

So, how many people’s weekends were worse than mine??


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