PSA for anyone visiting Tamarack floor 3 kitchen

I’ve decided to put this up as a helper to my fellow GMW guys in Tamarack Hall, as well as a warning to any students who visited Tamarack Hall’s floor 3 kitchen in the past two weeks.

A lot of food was left in Tamarack 3 kitchen, declared as free for taking by a Facebook post. I cannot verify this post as I don’t have Facebook but anyone willing to send me the link, that’d be much appreciated. There were at least ten paper bags and one box full of food in floor 3’s kitchen up until today, where it was dealt with by me.

If you have taken anything from that food pile in the past two weeks before it was disposed of today, DO NOT CONSUME IT!! All of it was stale, ranging in expiration dates from 2009-2014. The oldest item there were rice sticks from 2003. I personally sorted through everything there this morning and disposed of it all.

Not only were they stale, most of the packages were already opened. There were grease stains on most of the plastic pasta packages. Frankly, it looks very much like someone cleaned house and dumped everything on Tamarack floor 3’s kitchen. I don’t know the situation regarding this food and if the Facebook poster mentioned anything about it, but DO NOT EAT IT if you have taken anything. You WILL get sick.

This is a PSA, public service announcement, from a student GMW in Tamarack Hall. To anyone who took food from that stash, check out the expiration date before you eat/use it. You won’t regret it.



It’s finally warm enough out to take the plastic off the windows, open said windows, and go outside to play. Almost all of the snow is off my lawn and my ferrets are eager to get back into their outdoor cage to play in the fresh air. And I’m up for some overdue trampoline jumping.

Spring, I missed you…

Sad fact of my life

I was over at a friend’s house last night for a game-a-thon thing. He and my other buddy were playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. I had to watch because I’m not a big LoZ fan (I find the villains awesome, though) and they really wanted my n00b commentary. So I did that while I was training up and evolving Pokémon on my Pokémon Y game.

…I gamed more that night and this morning than I have all semester…

Theme decision for blogs

I’ve decided that I really love the look and format for the Independent Publisher theme. Primarily because it has a word count attached to it, which helps with my project to keep my posts to a minimum of 500 words each.

So I’ve switched the themes of both my FR Nuzlocke blog and my Reading Notes project blog to this theme as it is the most helpful to me right now.

Also, off to tweak my project proposal criteria a bit. I’ve flipped through both books that I’m beginning with this week and there’s no way I’m churning out 500 words per chapter unless I’m effectively reciting everything in said chapter. So I’ll give myself a better buffer and chug out a 500+ word post for every 3-5 chapters that I read, depending on chapter page number amounts and such.

Wondering if this challenge would be better for my project proposal?

Decided to do a challenge on Flight Rising and made a blog for it: Nuzlocke Challenge blog

Since this will be more focused and relatively daily, I’m thinking this might be a more interesting and better project proposal. Though I’m worried people might not understand it since it’s on a browser game that not everyone knows about.

I won’t really know until I get started on it, though. So I’ll stick with the reading notes for now. If things don’t work out there, maybe I’ll switch over to this. I’ll just keep both blogs going as long as I can and see where it takes me.

So yeah, this is something else I’ll be doing starting March 7th. Interested in seeing my hopefully daily reports, stocked with screen-captured images, on the heart-wrenching trials my poor dragons will need to go through to survive? Then check out the above blog! Already got my rough rule list, taken heavily from FR user Tar’s original rules, posted.