Japanese Magearna movie info revealed!

Outside of hunting down the exact minutes in the Pokémon Direct video that shows it, I found this reaction video on Youtube that not only points out a lot of interesting things about the Magearna movie but also reveals translated info regarding Volcanion, Magearna, and other key characters in the movie.

I suggest looking for the Pokémon Direct video and watching the movie trailer there if you wish to skip the Youtuber’s chattering throughout it. Then go back to this video and skip ahead to 7:55 to get the translated info from the Japanese Pokémon site. I will relay some of the more important things highlighted there.

Volcanion is apparently a Fire/Water type with the ability Water Absorb. It is the Steam Pokémon, 1.7 meters, and 195kg. It appears to really hate humans and lives up on Navel Plateau with Pokémon who have been injured by humans. It can create a dense fog through the steam eruptions in its body.

Magearna, as we already know, is an artificial Pokémon created by man. It is 1m and 80.5kg. It was born 500 years ago in the Azoth Kingdom and carries an unknown power called the Soul Heart. It is listed as currently living on Navel Plateau with Volcanion, far from the kingdom.

The main villain so far is a man named Jarvis, who has a staff that can apparently force Pokémon to Mega Evolve. Yikes! I guess we’ll be seeing plenty of Megas in this movie.

Well, that’s all for tonight until I find more new stuff to blog about. Night!


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