Bye bye, bro

Trying to get back into the swing of updating this. Most of my focus has been on my WaW project blog and my Nuzlocke blog. Sorry…

My brother has officially moved out of the house for the fourth time. this time it’ll be more permanent since he’s in an apartment for a one-year lease. I’m supposed to get to see the place this weekend.

FUN FACT: My brother has lived in four places and I never got to see any of them despite being told I eventually would.

Not really holding out hope on this one but bro seems to be pushing it hard this time when I brought it up at dinner a few weeks ago when he announced he was moving out again. He seemed genuinely shocked and surprised when he realized this.

His room has actually been cleared this time and only contains a few of his belongings that he’ll be picking up next week. Mom has the room repainted, sparing his Star Wars paint artwork because there is too much effort in those to just destroy them. She’s going to turn the room into a craft room…with a bed in it…

It’s the room next to mine. The wall between our rooms is considered thin. I’ll be watching what I do in here from now on sound-wise. She’s already commenting on all the screams from my computer when I watch prank videos.

This should be a fun year…


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