Jury Duty, screw you…

I called it back when I got the notice for jury duty. I called that I would get it and that it would probably be when I least wanted it to be.

Guess what, folks?

It happened.

I got jury duty on April 19th… I’m supposed to go to a convention with my club, Otaku Society, on the 21st… The court could hold me for 1-4 days… My ride leaves on the 21st…

So I’m skipping work tomorrow to try and excuse myself from jury duty–one, because I also have my Intercultural Communication final that day, and two, because I have a weekend-long convention to attend that I’ve already spent over $100 in costs and fees to attend with my club. Hopefully I can get out of jury duty. Keeping my fingers crossed for that.

I called it. Told you so. And right before Anime Detour too! The whole world is out to mess me up on con week…


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