First burn of the year

I’m going to update this blog more regularly now that I’m not stuck focusing on the class project blog. Classes have ended as of last Thursday and my finals ended on Monday, so I’m free of everything but work and dorm move-out, the latter ending tomorrow.

We had a tree in our yard crack and fall against another tree in our yard. If it fell again due to wind, it was going to hit the corner of the house that mom’s room is in. Mom panicked and had Jo call a bunch of guys until someone could come in the next day to cut the tree down past the break. The tree used to be a woodpecker nest and mom was scared that babies would be inside, so she had one of the cutters climb the tree to check. Turns out there was a family of sugar gliders living in the old woodpecker holes. They flew away before the guy reached the hole.

Today mom and I had our first fire in the pit. Jo left yesterday for his summer trucking job, so (like last summer) it’ll be mom and me at home to do everything. So we gardened and raked up leaves today. There’s supposed to be a thunderstorm on Friday and mom didn’t want the leaves all over the yard.

“How about a quick fire?”

So we gathered up all the leaves in the wagon, hauled it to the burn pit, and had us a fire. The smoke (yellow because vegetable matter) smelled like the smoke in those colored smoke bombs that you get for the Fourth of July. It was gross.

The fire went quick and now we’ve got fresh ash in the pit. The fire even ate up some of the green branches we tossed in earlier. All in all, the yard looks clear again.

It looks like it’ll be a good summer so far. The tulips are about to bloom, the gardens are raked, the boys are gone, and I’ll be out of my dorm by 5:00 tomorrow. Life is good…


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