Sun and Moon Info, Yes!!

New info has been revealed today, just as promised by Junichi Masuda. We get key characters, the starters, release dates, and the box art images depicting the version mascots.

Sun and Moon will be released everywhere but Europe on November 18, 2016. Europe will get it five days later on November 23, 2016.

The starters are as follows:

  • Rowlet, a Grass/Flying-type owl Pokémon. It will know the new move Leafage (no information has been revealed about it yet) and have the ability Overgrow.
  • Litten, a Fire-type cat Pokémon. It will know Ember and have the ability Blaze.
  • Popplio, a Water-type seal Pokémon. It will know Water Gun and have the ability Torrent.

The mascots are depicted on the box art but have yet to be named. One is a large maned lion on the cover of Sun. The other is a large bat on the cover of Moon.

The games will be set in the Alola region, which will resemble Hawaii.

Two characters have been revealed. The player that gives you your starter Pokémon is an older man named Hala. He is likely the region’s professor. Professor Hala? Is there a hala tree??

A young man named Kukui also appears. Perhaps the maker of the Box system for Alola? Or some kind of assistant to Hala, since he’s seen with Hala in the video? Maybe he could even be a rival?

Character customization has returned for S/M, as it was in X/Y.

Info can be read here and watched here.


Personally, I think my choice will be Litten. I’m hoping it evolves into a Fire/Dark-type, if only because it’s coloration seems to dictate this. I love it’s attack style! Look at its back in the vid! So cute!

Betting Rowlet stays Grass/Flying throughout its evolution line. This’ll make it the second dual-type starter since Bulbasaur back in Gen 1.

I’m torn on Popplio. I want it to stay Water or go Water/Fairy. If it goes Water/Fighting, we just have a circus version of the Oshawott line ahead of us and that’ll be no fun. Give us Water/Fairy, GameFreak!!

Pretty sure Moon will be my main game, if only because its mascot looks amazing. But I’ll likely get both versions, because that’s what I generally do.

Can’t wait for the next dump of info.




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