Been a while

Sorry for the lack of updating. It’s been really busy around here. I’ll try to post more soon, though. Most of my posting has gone to my Flight Rising Nuzlocke to keep with the required daily postings, though I’ve had issues with that too as of late. Ugh…

I’ll start with my jury duty notice that I’ve been complaining about for the past month. Last you heard, it had come back to get me during the last few days of my service. I was supposed to serve on Thursday.

The case was settled out of court by Tuesday when I called to check in. Yay!

We visited my great-grandmother in her nursing home on Friday. She has intense dementia and can barely hear us despite her hearing aids. She seemed to be pretty sure it was my uncle’s birthday and that we needed “to get him a present to make him happy”. Mom fed her gummy bears through the conversation. A lot of laughs were had at GG’s (great-grandma) responses to misheard topics. She wanted to go find my grandpa in the basement for my uncle’s birthday party.

For a second, mom had teased GG about something and I saw a flash of her old self again. “Oh, you stop that!” It only lasted a second but it was the GG I remembered before the dementia kicked in.

She got really confused and anxious by the end of our visit. It made mom really worried.

The temperatures have been rising to the low 80s here, in Fahrenheit. Mom and I have spent most of our time gardening and watering and planting flowers and veggies. It’s a lot of work for food and beauty.

Already have the window fans out to combat the heat…

Last thing, we went to visit my brother. He had come back from drill pretty angry. Apparently his sergeant or someone insulted the heck out of us to get a rise out of my brother since they were off-duty. My brother refused to hit him…until he insulted all of us in turn to his face.

I’m apparently “a retard that will never be able to care for herself”.

Obviously, my brother beat the crud out of him. Had to be pulled off by a few others from his squad. Makes me worried about him going to training this summer.

Also makes me worried about the kind of people the military employ. I sure as heck don’t want that sergeant claiming he’s serving and protecting…when he’s calling me a retard behind my back.

Just food for thought…


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