New Sun and Moon Details!!

I know I’m late with this but I’ve been gone all day and just got here to discover new Pokémon stuff has been revealed. Yay!

The information I used can be found here on Bulbapedia.

First off, the mascots have had crucial details revealed about them.

The Sun mascot, the lion, is named Solgaleo and is a Psychic/Steel type. It has a brand new ability, Full Metal Body, which prevents stats from being lowered by attacks or abilities. It’s basically like White Smoke or Clear Body. Its signature move is Sunsteel Strike, which ignores the target’s ability, much like Mold Breaker does.

The Moon mascot, the bat, is named Lunala and is a Psychic/Ghost-type. It has a brand new ability, Shadow Shield, which causes it to take less damage when it is at full HP, much like Multiscale does. Its signature move is Moongeist Beam, which ignores the target’s ability, much like Mold Breaker does.

The Alola region’s professor is Kukui. He studies Pokémon moves and takes direct hits from Pokémon attacks for research. Wow…

Lillie is Kukui’s assistant and is the same age as the player. She dislikes Pokémon battling but likes to read books. She’ll be a crucial character in the Sun/Moon story.

Hau is the player’s friend and loves Pokémon very much.

The Alola region itself is split into four natural islands and one artificial island. Likewise, its PokeDex is separated into four parts.

The PokeDex itself is special this time around. Kukui gives you one inhabited by a Rotom, calling it the Rotom Dex. This means your PokeDex now has a personality. Very few people have a Rotom Dex, even in Alola. It will display your current location, your next destination, and advice on where to go next based on conversations you have with others.

Sun and Moon will have a QR Scanner function to let you scan QRs to register Pokémon of the Alola region in the PokeDex, letting you view their habitat. You can display these QR codes in your PokeDex and share them with other players.

You can view the trailer with this new info here on Youtube from the Pokémon channel.


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