Screw Deer Ticks

On Saturday, I was bitten by a deer tick. I felt pain on the back of my left calf, just below my knee, and found the tick there on top of a dark bruise-looking mark. I pulled the tick off and flushed it down the toilet, and then went to tell mom and show her the bite.

My mom got Lymes disease about three summers ago. She had a giant bull’s eye on the back of her left thigh. We looked at my bite. It was tiny but red with a white ring around it.

I was terrified. I downed mom’s extra doxycycline pills starting that night, one each morning, one each night, until Tuesday when her extra ran out. The bite got darker and painful on Monday but lessened on Tuesday, no longer causing pain currently. Mom took pictures every other day to mark the bite’s progress.

We went to the hospital for blood work and a checkup today after work. I got my blood drawn first and then went to see my doctor. We showed her the pictures and then I showed her my bite, which was still dark and present but less so.

She told me it wasn’t big enough to indicate Lymes. If I do have Lymes, it couldn’t be caused by the tick that bit me Saturday because the bull’s eye has to be four inches or bigger. Mine was barely two inches. She said it was just an inflammatory reaction caused by the bite.

My blood work will still be run to check for any latent Lymes. Only deer ticks can carry Lymes, according to my doctor, and this was my first deer tick bite (that I’m aware of).

I’ll still be keeping an eye on the bit to ensure it isn’t infected. The redness is going away and the black middle portion that developed right after I was bit has disappeared. So, for now, I’m clear of my fear–Lymes.

But we’ll see what my blood work says in a few days. Just to be sure.


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