New Sun/Moon Pokeymanz!

Today, stuff was leaked from CoroCoro magazine. We have two new Pokémon revealed to us in this article on Bulbapedia.These are transliterations of their Japanese names, so their English ones may differ.

The first is a koala-like Pokémon called Nekkoara. It is known as the Dreaming Pokémon. It is a Normal-type, 1’8″ tall, 20.3 pounds, and has the new ability Sure Sleeper that prevents it from being afflicted by status conditions except for sleep.

The second is a puppy-like Pokémon called Iwanko. It is known as (duh) the Puppy Pokémon. It is a Rock-type, 1’4″ tall, 43.9 pounds, and has the abilities Keen Eye and Vital Spirit.

The Sun/Moon mascots have been revealed to have secondary forms. Solgaleo has Rising Phase, in which is becomes all yellow and appears more radiant, like the sun. Lunala has Full Moon Phase, in which its wings glow white to highlight its more skeletal structure.

Information on Magearna and how to get it in Sun/Moon have also been revealed. Magearna has the ability Soul Heart and a new move called Fleur Cannon.

A special Pokémon Ga-Olé disk will include a QR Code to obtain Magearna in the Pokémon Sun and Moon. This Magearna will be level 50, have the Ability Soul Heart, and know the moves Fleur Cannon, Flash Cannon, Lucky Chant and Helping Hand.

– Bulbapedia article, linked above

That is all that has been mentioned in this article for new stuff. I’m looking forward to the rock puppy~!


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