Zygarde formes in S/M

In this Bulbapedia article, a trailer has been revealed showing of Gen 6 legendary Zygarde’s alternate forms in Sun and Moon. These forms so far are the 10% Forme and the Complete Forme.

The 10% Forme has been shown using Thousand Waves and Thousand Arrows, gen 6 moves that are currently unobtainable but whose coding exists in the gen 6 games.

When 10% Forme is at low HP, it turns into Complete Forme using its ability, Swarm Change, which also restores its HP.

Complete Forme has been shown using a new move called Core Enforcer. This move uses a long animation that ends in a Z-shaped beam bursting at the opponent. Though its type has not been revealed, it dealt super-effective damage to Garchomp.

Seeing as Garchomp is Ground/Dragon, its primary weaknesses are Ice, Dragon, and Fairy. I’m leaning more toward Dragon with Core Enforcer but we won’t know for sure until further information is available.


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