New S/M info from E3

Treehouse Live at E3 has revealed plenty of new information about the Sun/Moon games, as well as three new Pokémon. Here is the Bulbapedia article that I got this from.

The first is Pikipek, the Normal-type Woodpecker Pokémon that I’m pretty sure is the wireframe model we saw in the Pokémon Direct trailer back when S/M was confirmed. It has the abilities Keen Eye and Skill Link. It is #10 in the PokeDex and can learn (obviously) Peck. It can strike 16 times a second with its beak, which is strong enough to break through stone. It has two unrevealed evolutions.

The second is Yungoos, the Normal-type Loitering Pokémon that resembles a weasel or mongoose. It has the abilities Stakeout and Strong Jaw. Stakeout lets it deal double damage to Pokémon that switch in mid-battle. It eats a lot because its hunger is never satisfied and its fangs are strong enough to crush and eat very hard objects. It stalks prey until it falls asleep where it was stalking said prey. It was originally not native to the Alola region. It has one unrevealed evolution.

The last is Grubbin, the Bug-type Larva Pokémon. Its ability is Swarm and it can learn String Shot. It uses its jaw to burrow and can be found close to power plants because it loves electricity. It is unknown if it can evolve.

More information about the three starters and the mascot Legendaries has also been revealed:

Popplio can learn the move Disarming Voice. Hopefully this hints at a later Fairy subtyping. It starts out with the moves Tackle, Growl, and Water Gun. Litten can use Scratch and Ember. Rowlet has been shown with Tackle, Growl, and Leafage. Lunala and Solgaleo activate their alternate forms when they use their signature moves in battle.

Magearna’s ability Soul Heart has finally been explained. Its special attack raises by one stage when another Pokémon faints. Creepy… It is obtainable by scanning a particular QR code for Sun/Moon.

More general info about the game, as well as new battle mechanics, were also revealed:

At the beginning of the game, the neighboring town has a festival. The player will battle Hau during the festival. Hau uses a Pichu and the starter that is weak to yours.

Each of the islands in the Alola region has a guardian Pokémon. The island the player starts at is called Melemele and the guardian’s name is Tapu Koko. In gameplay dialogue, it is mentioned that the player has met Tapu Koko before in the game.

When Pokémon are registered in the PokeDex, PokeBall icons indicate how many Pokémon are in its evolution chain.

In battle, attacking moves with display whether they are Not Very Effective or Super  Effective against opposing Pokémon. This information will begin to display after you’ve battled the Pokémon in question at least once.

For player customization, not only can you pick skin color but you can customize your clothing.

A new battle mode is called Battle Royal, which is held in the Battle Royal Dome. Four players battle with three Pokémon each, sending one out at a time. After the battle, the players are ranked based on how many Pokémon they each knocked out and how many of their own Pokémon they still have after the battle ends.

Overall, lots of new and interesting info. I was hoping they’d reveal the wireframe bird soon. Guess I got my wish. Yay!

Definitely getting a Yungoos in these games. Ferret-like things for the win~!


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