Today’s Outdoor Adventure

So I’m jumping on the trampoline today. For the past twenty minutes, I’ve been hearing loud cracks and stuff from the woods that divides our yard from the neighboring yard. I thought maybe it was the house seller doing stuff in that yard.

I turned when I heard a huge crack and saw a tree fall close to the neighbor’s yard.

I went in to tell mom and we both went out into that stretch of woods to find the tree and see if it did any damage. It was an old tree full of woodpecker holes that had been leaning and rotted for a long while. No damage was done to anything, thankfully enough.

So we trek back to our house. My mom is in sandals and I’m barefoot. I step on something sharp and pull my foot away, thinking it’s a branch or something. It stayed stuck to the underside of my heel. I looked up and saw a familiar thorny tree above me.

I had stepped on a huge thorn. Thankfully, only the tip had stuck, so it was easy to pull out. No blood really. Mom says they are poisonous and it will swell up eventually. It hurt to walk on.

We left the woods, collected some flower seeds, and spread them up the driveway of our house. We saw a bird in the bird bath for the first time this year and a chipmunk under our woodpecker feeder, which mom was glad for. We haven’t seen a chipmunk in our yard in just over a year because our cat kills them.

My foot still hurts. I can’t see exactly where it stabbed me but I’m done for he day with running around on it. I’m going to eat some dinner and rest up for the evening.


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