The wilderness is encroaching on me

So, both of our dogs were put to sleep last spring because they were too old to live happy and comfortable lives. That summer, nothing too odd happened without their presence.

This summer, we’re seeing a lot of wild animals we either haven’t seen since before we got the dogs…or plain haven’t seen at all.

  1. Our cat caught a weasel last month. We’ve never seen them before despite knowing they live in the area. It was just this tiny brown thing that looked like a mini version of our ferrets.
  2. The raccoons that visit our back deer feeder have begun to appear in the yard directly. Before, they never strayed past the feeder and hung out in the woods. Just last week, one climbed up on our front porch to knock over the garbage can. Mom almost stepped on him when she went out there. It was scary.
  3. Two nights ago, I went to let the cat out on the front porch. I turned on the porch light and there was a black and white head sticking out from between the steps. It was a skunk. I haven’t seen one for almost ten years in our yard. If you didn’t guess, I threw the cat back inside and closed the door.
  4. We’ve just noticed our woodpecker feeder on the front corner of our porch is gone. Not knocked to the ground or anything. Gone, cage and all. We can’t find it anywhere. The birdfeeder and hummingbird feeder in front of the living room window, across from the woodpecker feeder and nearest to the house, was torn from its hook and emptied on the ground below the window. Mom’s garden to those feeders is trampled. The wind might’ve knocked the window feeders down…but the woodpecker feeder? That thing is heavy. No way the wind knocked that down. Mom is scared we might have a bear or something due to the garden. We know both feeders were fine yesterday and neither of us heard any strange noises during the night. We’re both worried about it.

So yeah, lots of interesting stuff happening lately. Also scary stuff. I sleep by a window in my room, facing the woods. I’m not so comfortable there suddenly after the birdfeeder thing…

If anyone in the upper Minnesota area has any ideas of what could’ve knocked down the feeders besides wind, it’d be helpful. I’m hoping it was just raccoons jumping from the porch rail…but that wouldn’t bring down the woodpecker feeder…


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