Potatoes are haunting me

Okay, so we have this running thing in my house where mom will microwave potatoes and then forget them, then I’ll find them later. Always mutilated. I really hate it.

Today, it was taken a step further.

SAVE ME potato 2

I found this…this morning…when I went to cook something.

Surprisingly, it was Jo that did it, not my mother.

(Yes, I know our microwave is filthy, it was cleaned right after this photo was taken to avoid wrecking the image)


Update and Snakes

Sorry for not updating this as of late. The last chunk of summer was really busy and then school started last week. I’ve been up to my ears and work and homework. Ugh…

I’ve caught all the new S/M Pok√©mon stuff. Alolan forms are very interesting (Rattata looks like an old timey villain ready to tie maidens to train tracks, heehee), though I wonder why they exist. Sun and Moon should prove interesting once it releases, if someone doesn’t leak everything first or sell it early (looking at you, Canada and Europe).

So just a bit ago, mom complained about seeing a garter snake in the back yard. Now she sees one on the front porch, just slithering around on the deck…and then it actually goes over the doorstep and into the porch! Mom sends me to chase it out, not that I needed to because it slithered out as quickly as it went in. I made sure it went into the garden before I closed up the front porch doors. Mom is not having a good morning.

So yeah, fun times!