Really, teacher? Really?

So I got back late last night from a funeral (more on that next post), showered, and crashed right away so I could be roughly ready for class today at 9AM. I get up at 7AM, eat breakfast, get my textbooks together, walk to class…and find a paper note on the door.

CVA has been cancelled today. Be ready for cat dissection in lab tomorrow.

…I thought this was 2016.

We have an interesting thing called…email. You know, the thing where you get on your computer, type a message, and send it to your students? The really easy thing?

Now, most of you probably are saying, “If this was last second, you can’t expect him to whip up an email for 30-some students.”

There are three of us in his class.

Count them: three.

Smallest class he’s ever had.

Three students. Just three.

And he still leaves a paper note rather than an email for us.

Not sure I want to be one of these “professional working adults”…


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