Winter is coming

Last weekend, I saw the last dragonfly in our yard. It had grown late and was just flying around, hunting for mosquitoes that were already dead. It was sad. If I thought it possible, I would’ve tried to catch him and keep him indoors. But alas, I’d have nothing to properly feed him.

RIP dragonfly…

Jo came home with a huge pumpkin yesterday. He got it from a farm on his way home from work. Mom says she’ll paint it so she doesn’t have to carve it up and then watch it wilt. When the season is over, we’ll cut it open and gather the seeds to eat and plant. Maybe we’ll get lucky with pumpkins again next summer since we failed this summer with them.

Nights are getting colder. The sky is overcast all the time. The leaves have fallen, making the trees look bare and dead. It has started snowing twice so far in the past month.

I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer…


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