Minus: Kanto 4

Going on to Route 6 with this team: Level 9 Sandshrew (Sandy), Level 15 Mankey (Savage), Level 21 Charmeleon (Torch), and Level 21 Paras (Speckle)

I decided that I would have Minus catch a Meowth in honor of the one that is in the house in Alola, Gen 7. Whether this one will be that Meowth or not is unknown to me right now. I’m catching a female in case it is not that Meowth. It is a Level 10 female Meowth named Penny, for the coin on her head obviously.

Cue another run to Cerulean City to heal, then onto fighting all of the Route 6 trainers. Sandy will be up front, switch-training so she can be strong enough to defeat Lt. Surge at the Vermilion Gym.

Level 10 Sandy took out a Picnicker’s Level 16 Pikachu all by herself with Dig and Scratch. Yay!

Defeated all of the Route 6 trainers. Sandy is Level 13 and Torch is Level 22. Enter Vermilion City and heal. Get the Bike Voucher, Old Rod, and Vs Seeker from in town. Buy a bunch of Super Potions and Poké Balls.

Off to the S.S. Anne! I’m so glad there is a healing lady here because there are so many battles in this place!

Speckle seems to have overcome his tendency to only hit twice with Bullet Seed. He also dodges confusion or is immune to the effect completely. And Level 18 Sandy managed to OHKO a Level 23 Pikachu on the ship!

These are my levels after finishing all of the trainers on the ship: Level 20 Sandshrew (Sandy), Level 10 Meowth (Penny), Level 16 Mankey (Savage), Level 23 Paras (Speckle), and Level 22 Charmeleon (Torch). I’m at 6 hours 6 minutes in the game.

Off to heal. Now to face my rival, Blue. Pidgeotto was defeated by Torch with Ember, though Sand-Attack made Torch miss a lot of his attacks. Speckle took Wartortle down with Bullet Seed. I tried to use Savage for Raticate but it managed to knock her out with two Hyper Fangs, so Torch finished it off with Scratch since Savage got it to low health with Karate Chop. Speckle took down Kadabra with two Leech Life attacks.

Speckle evolved right after the rival battle into Parasect. I’ve never trained or evolved one before. Happy day!

Went up to the Captain’s room, rubbed his back, and got the Cut HM. I taught it to Penny so I can get into Vermilion Gym. Cue one final heal on the ship and off we go. Bye S.S. Anne!

Bought some Super Potions, Poke Balls, and Paralyze Heals. Then cut the tree down by the gym and go in. Sandy is up front to hopefully OHKO all the trainer ‘mons. I’ve got Torch on standby for the Magnemites and Voltorbs that may cause trouble.

And Sandy OHKOs everything with Dig, even the Engineer’s Voltorb and Magnemite. Now I need to survive this puzzle, which I’ve never done and have heard is frustrating as all get-out. Gaaah! Starting at 6 hours 29 minutes in the game.

It took three attempts to get it both right. If I picked a bin I did not check for the second, I got it wrong. It was always a bin I had already checked for the second switch. Wow… At 6 hours 32 minutes in the game.

Now to face Lt. Surge. His Raichu is all I’m worried about, pretty sure I can OHKO everything else he has.

OHKO Voltorb. OHKO Pikachu, despite two Double Teams raising its evasion. Fail to OKHO Raichu, triggering the Super Potion. Cue lots of Double Team use and a miss from Dig. Cue a third Dig that crits and defeats the Raichu in one hit. Oh yeah!

Sandy evolves into a Sandslash after this battle and is nearly Level 23.

Get the badge and TM, go heal, and head for Route 11 to the east. Save game.


Winter eagle!!

Saw an eagle on the ride home from work. It was flying low in the ditch. I might not have noticed it if it didn’t flap its wings.

That’s my second eagle this winter in roughly the same area. I’m thinking it’s the same one.

Plus: Kanto 3

This was done immediately after I did LeafGreen for Minus.

So I went through Route 24 and 25. At the second hiker on Route 25, Neo evolved into a Nidorino. As per in-story events, I immediately used a Moon Stone to evolve him into a Nidoking. He proceeded to wreck almost everything on those routes for me (at least what Bulby couldn’t wreck, like Machops and Slowpokes).

Cue the Bill event with the Clefairy thing. And the S.S. Anne Ticket getting.

Now for Cerulean City Gym and Misty, my not-so-nemesis now. I decided to use Squeaky the Pikachu for most of this so he’d level up. He killed everything except Misty’s Starmie, who OHKOed him with Swift.

So Bulby killed it in two shots with Vine Whip and grew to Level 22. Starmie didn’t use any Psychic-type moves, which was why I was scared to use Bulby. Sweet!

Healed and went to the robbed house. Neo and Bulby defeated the grunt easily. Healed again and ran through Route 5 to hit the underground path to Route 6. Stopped on the same spot as Minus is at.

I was tempted to get a Meowth. Maybe for Minus? Not sure yet.

Minus: Kanto 3

Continuing from Nugget Bridge and the Team Rocket guy, I moved on through Route 24 and 25. I trained Speckle the Paras, keeping him at the front of my party to prepare him for Misty’s Gym.

Fun fact: I’ve never beaten Misty in a Kanto game before. Ever. Today I plan to change this twice over.

Cue the whole save-Bill-from-being-a-Clefairy sequence. And getting the S.S. Anne Ticket. Run back to Cerulean City, heal my party, and purchase all the Potions and Super Potions I can.

Now for Cerulean Gym.

Misty’s gym trainers were easy. Two Bullet Seeds apiece from my Level 18 Paras, Speckle. The rest of my team is useless in this gym, so Speckle is really my only hope. Once the gym trainers were beaten, Speckle was Level 19.

Misty’s Staryu was easy to defeat. I’m glad I made her waste her Super Potion on it and not her Starmie. It took a while but Speckle managed to defeat Staryu.

Starmie was another story. Swift almost wrecked my life. I was dangerously close to losing Speckle three times in the course of my hitting it with Bullet Seed.

Worst of all? Speckle seemed to only want to strike two or three times in a row. He only hit five times once and that was against Staryu before the Super Potion was used.

It took a long while but I did it. I finally beat Misty. Soloed her whole gym with Speckle the Paras, who grew to Level 20 after that, almost Level 21.

Next I ran to the house robbed by Team Rocket. The grunt was easy to beat with Speckle and Torch. I taught the Dig TM to Sandy, since that will do wonders for Lt. Surge’s gym up next.

Cue another heal, a quick run through Route 5 and the underground path to Route 6. That is where I’ve stopped, with both Speckle and Torch at Level 21, my strongest duo. Sandy is up front so she can be ready to defeat Lt. Surge for me in Vermilion City.

Plus: Kanto 2

So I trained Squeaky up to Level 10 before facing Blue. I’ve discovered that Blue’s starter won’t use elemental advantage moves on you here, so I killed Pidgey with Squeaky and defeated his Charmander with Bulby.

Squeaky basically destroyed everything in Viridian Forest. I switch-trained Zip a bit, up to Level 9, but he really won’t see much use for now. My main stars are Squeaky here and Bulby for Pewter Gym.

Pewter Gym was a breeze. No training needed. Just take Level 13 Bulby into the Gym and 1- or 2-shot everything with Vine Whip. Easy win compared to Minus’ attempt in LeafGreen.

Move on to Route 3 and carefully defeat everyone using Squeaky and Bulby. Catch a Nidoran male here named Neo.

I had planned to catch a Nidoran female here too…but then I looked up the encounter rate…1%. I’m not planning to spend eternity here trying to find Cleo. So I discovered that my best bet is to wait until Fuchsia City’s Safari Zone to catch a Nidoran female. I guess that piece of my story will be inconsistent with the in-game run…but oh well.

I picked up the Magikarp in the Pokémon Center in front of Mt. Moon. My mistake was not saving first so I could get the correct gender. I had last saved after Pewter Gym. I ended up with a female Magikarp rather than the male I had wanted. My solution? Plus isn’t very smart, so he’ll just think it’s male until it evolves and Minus notices that it’s female. So we have Gary the female Magikarp.

Use Bulby and Squeaky to wreck most everything in Mt. Moon. Bulby evolves into an Ivysaur after the first Team Rocket battle, though in the story he evolves at the fossil maniac. Oh well.

I ended up catching two Clefairy, male Peppy and female Sweetie, on my way through Mt. Moon. I first caught Sweetie and discovered that she had a Moon Stone on her. I caught Peppy in the hopes that he’d have one too but no dice. Sweetie may become important later since I currently have three Moon Stones, with two being reserved for Neo and Cleo. Since she used Attract on Bulby successfully, perhaps it will be a future pairing?

Reach the fossil maniac and pick up the Helix Fossil, since Minus has the Dome Fossil. Whether Omanyte will be part of the team is unknown yet.

Go outside to Route 4 and have Squeaky learn Mega Punch from the move tutor. Move on to Cerulean City, box the Clefairys, and battle Blue. Defeat him and train Neo as I battle through Nugget Bridge. Defeat the Team Rocket guy at the end. Now I’m caught up to Minus’ place in LeafGreen.

Still sad I don’t have Cleo. Had I realized this, I might’ve just caught Cleo in LeafGreen. Too late for that now.

Christmas Carolers

So my mom and I went to Coleen’s Caring Hands, the nursing home in town that my great grandmother has lived for the past year now. We try to visit my great grandmother, who we call GG, as frequently as we can.

The last few visits have been worrisome because GG has been having nightmares and her behavior has turned more angry. She has cried a few times, something my mother has never seen her do. It has been frightening. Last time, she even squeezed my arm because she thought I was going to hurt her when I was just trying to help her walk.

A group of Christmas carolers end up coming to the nursing home near the end of our visit. We stayed and listened to them. I haven’t heard carolers since I was in elementary school, so it was nice to see that it was still a thing here in town. They passed out candy canes afterward.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, which also happens to be GG’s birthday. Hopefully it will be a very good day for all of us.

Screw move deletion in B/W

So, my friend convinced his brother to let him have his Pokémon White game. The only stipulation was to trade all of his brother’s Pokémon over to his Black version so he could keep them.

This wasn’t easy.

First we had to play his brother’s Black version until we got the C-Gear. My friend played from Ghetsis’ speech up to Striaton Gym, where he got swept horribly by Cress. Then I picked it up, beat Cress in five minutes, progressed the plot, and got the C-Gear that would let us trade between his brother’s Black and White games. So we traded everything over…except…

His brother taught his Dewott Cut. The HM move. The one that cannot be deleted or overwritten by another move until you reach the Move Deleter.

Who happened to be in Mistralton City.

His brother was in Nimbasa. He had yet to beat Elesa. Or Clay. Or go through Team Plasma villain plot. Or Chargestone Cave.

My friend gave up. He wasn’t going to journey that far to delete a move.

I spent the next five hours performing that hellish journey. With three Pokémon. I have not played Black/White in almost four years.

It took me three tries to kill Elesa. Including two hours of training beforehand to ensure the Level 15 Sandile that I captured would live. I murdered every Solosis on the route past Nimbasa in order to level it up to Level 25.

I then murdered every Audino I could to level up Pansear, which we had to trade back from Black because Cheren and his Servine wouldn’t stop killing me.

Everything between Cheren and Chargestone Cave was a cakewalk. Clay was easy. After I beat Clay, Dewott evolved into Samurott, with my friend’s brother’s permission.

Chargestone Cave was annoying. I did not have Repels because I’d spent all of my money on Super Potions, Hyper Potions, and Revives to ensure my survival. I’d forgotten how high the encounter rate is for wild ‘mons in Chargestone Cave. Add in Team Plasma ambushing me during the second half and then N attacking right at the exit. Not fun.

When I finally hit Mistralton, I had a Level 39 Samurott, a Level 30 Krokorok, and a Level 26 Pansear. I ran straight to the Move Deleter and somehow evaded every piece of plot in Mistralton City. I eliminated Cut and we initiated the final set of trades between Black and White.

It was over at almost exactly the five hour mark. It was past midnight when this journey was done.

We kept his brother updated via texts about this journey. By the end, I demanded that the next time we meet, he get on his knees and kiss my feet for doing that, all so he could keep his starter. I intend to hold him to that demand.

Five hours.

I was supposed to be beating Aether Paradise and finding the Legendary Pokémon in Sun/Moon. Instead I was journeying through Unova to delete an HM move.

So glad HMs aren’t a thing in Sun/Moon. I forgot how annoying they can be when it comes to trading between games.