Bat in the Porch

Sorry for not writing in so long. It has been busy and stressful with school. Not to mention that winter really set in the day that Pokémon Sun/Moon came out. Giant snowstorm that day, ugh!

Tonight, we found a bat in our front porch. 99% sure it’s a little brown bat, based on the color. We have no clue if it’s still in there or not as of right now. We left the porch door open for ten minutes before shutting it and checked around, no sign of it. We’ll be checking again before bed and in the morning.

We have no clue if it’s the same brown bat that has been living near our house for the past few years. It’s just been the one bat–strange if it’s a brown because they’re colonial–and we watch him fly when night falls in the summer. Mom adores him.

We’ve found a few spots in the porch along the ceiling edge where the molding has shifted. He might’ve gotten in through one of those, looking for a warmer spot than the bat box to hibernate. Or he was active in the morning and flew in while the porch door was open while mom had her tie-dye hanging. We’re not sure.

Hopefully he has left and will be safe. We don’t want him to die from the cold or starvation…


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