Minus: Kanto 1

So I’m playing LeafGreen for Minus, since it features some of her party members as version exclusives.

Minus starts with a male Charmander and names him Torch. Her rival is Blue. She beats him easily. Cue completing the tutorial portion of the game.

She catches a female Caterpie in Viridian Forest and a female Mankey on Route 22. Caterpie is named Flutter and Mankey is named Savage. Train Torch to Level 11 and Flutter to Level 8, cue her evolving into Metapod. Defeat Blue on Route 22 with Torch.

Switch-train Flutter against the trainers in Viridian Forest until she evolves into a Butterfree, then start switch-training Savage.

Enter Pewter City with Torch at Level 14, Flutter at Level 10, and Savage at Level 4. Go directly to Brock’s gym. Flutter defeats everything except Brock’s Onix, which OHKOs her with Rock Tomb. Send in Level 6 Savage to defeat it with Low Kick. Gym has been defeated, Boulder Badge now acquired.

Receive Running Shoes (thank god) and defeat everyone on Route 3. Skip the Magikarp guy in the Pokémon Center and enter Mt. Moon. Get Flutter to Level 15 for in-story events, then cease to use her. Capture a male Paras named Speckle on BF1 and switch-train it. Torch evolves into Charmeleon not long before the Fossil Maniac at the end of the mountain. Defeat all trainers and Team Rocket. Pick the Dome Fossil and exit Mt. Moon.

Teach Savage both Mega Punch and Mega Kick from the two tutors on Route 4. Box Flutter in Cerulean City due to in-story events. Return to Route 4 in search of a female Sandshrew named Sandy.

And this is where I’m currently at. More to come soon!


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