Minus: Kanto 2

Finally caught a female Sandshrew. It took forever. Named her Sandy. Switch-trained her briefly before putting Speckle back in the front. I used the Bullet Seed TM on Speckle so he has a type-advantageous move for Misty.

Went up to Nugget Bridge to face my rival, Blue. His Squirtle knocked out Savage. Sandy defeated the Abra solo. Torch wrecked the rest of his team.

Nugget Bridge as a whole was easy, though I healed whenever I got low health. Torch and Savage were my aces here. Speckle was switch-trained for levels. Torch wrecked the Rocket member at the end.

This is where my fic left off at, right after that guy’s defeat.

I’m at 3 hours, 55 minutes in-game now. My team is Torch the Level 19 Charmeleon, Savage the Level 15 Mankey, Speckle the Level 15 Paras, and Sandy the Level 9 Sandshrew. Flutter the Level 15 Butterfree has been boxed due to in-story events.

Now I will play FireRed as Plus and reach this exact same point. See you then!


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