Plus and Minus gaming

So I’m doing a story called Pokémon Plus and Minus, based roughly on the rumor games Plus and Minus Versions that surfaced back around Gen 5 that circulated everywhere. It gave me plot bunnies and I started writing this huge journey fic starring two kids called (duh) Plus and Minus.

…I never got past Cerulean City in Kanto. I’m still there, several years after starting the story.

So, I decided to try playing the games through as Plus and Minus to see if that helps me advance. I’ve started with LeafGreen for Minus and FireRed for Plus, based on their initial teammates in-story. I’m doing LeafGreen first until I hit where I’ve ended off in the fic, then I’ll do FireRed until that same point. Then I’ll work on them both until I finish Kanto and see what I’ve got in my writing from my in-game experiences.

Here’s hoping it works for me!



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