Plus: Kanto 1

So I started up FireRed yesterday to play to the same point as LeafGreen–Nugget Bridge’s Team Rocket guy. FireRed stars Plus, Minus’ best friend and the second main character of my Plus and Minus story.

Plus starts with Bulby the male Bulbasaur. Rival is Blue (again). Cue all the tutorial stuff. Once he has PokeBalls, catch a Level 3 male Rattata named Zip and a Level 3 male Pikachu named Squeaky.

I’ve trained Bulby up to Level 11 in Viridian Forest. Thank goodness for the huge EXP that Kakunas and Metapods give. Now I’m going to train Squeaky to at least Level 10 before facing Blue on Route 22.

My FireRed seems to have issues when it comes to saving. It could just be because the cartridge is old. Hopefully it holds out for Plus’ run. If not…


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