Screw move deletion in B/W

So, my friend convinced his brother to let him have his Pokémon White game. The only stipulation was to trade all of his brother’s Pokémon over to his Black version so he could keep them.

This wasn’t easy.

First we had to play his brother’s Black version until we got the C-Gear. My friend played from Ghetsis’ speech up to Striaton Gym, where he got swept horribly by Cress. Then I picked it up, beat Cress in five minutes, progressed the plot, and got the C-Gear that would let us trade between his brother’s Black and White games. So we traded everything over…except…

His brother taught his Dewott Cut. The HM move. The one that cannot be deleted or overwritten by another move until you reach the Move Deleter.

Who happened to be in Mistralton City.

His brother was in Nimbasa. He had yet to beat Elesa. Or Clay. Or go through Team Plasma villain plot. Or Chargestone Cave.

My friend gave up. He wasn’t going to journey that far to delete a move.

I spent the next five hours performing that hellish journey. With three Pokémon. I have not played Black/White in almost four years.

It took me three tries to kill Elesa. Including two hours of training beforehand to ensure the Level 15 Sandile that I captured would live. I murdered every Solosis on the route past Nimbasa in order to level it up to Level 25.

I then murdered every Audino I could to level up Pansear, which we had to trade back from Black because Cheren and his Servine wouldn’t stop killing me.

Everything between Cheren and Chargestone Cave was a cakewalk. Clay was easy. After I beat Clay, Dewott evolved into Samurott, with my friend’s brother’s permission.

Chargestone Cave was annoying. I did not have Repels because I’d spent all of my money on Super Potions, Hyper Potions, and Revives to ensure my survival. I’d forgotten how high the encounter rate is for wild ‘mons in Chargestone Cave. Add in Team Plasma ambushing me during the second half and then N attacking right at the exit. Not fun.

When I finally hit Mistralton, I had a Level 39 Samurott, a Level 30 Krokorok, and a Level 26 Pansear. I ran straight to the Move Deleter and somehow evaded every piece of plot in Mistralton City. I eliminated Cut and we initiated the final set of trades between Black and White.

It was over at almost exactly the five hour mark. It was past midnight when this journey was done.

We kept his brother updated via texts about this journey. By the end, I demanded that the next time we meet, he get on his knees and kiss my feet for doing that, all so he could keep his starter. I intend to hold him to that demand.

Five hours.

I was supposed to be beating Aether Paradise and finding the Legendary Pokémon in Sun/Moon. Instead I was journeying through Unova to delete an HM move.

So glad HMs aren’t a thing in Sun/Moon. I forgot how annoying they can be when it comes to trading between games.


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