Plus: Kanto 2

So I trained Squeaky up to Level 10 before facing Blue. I’ve discovered that Blue’s starter won’t use elemental advantage moves on you here, so I killed Pidgey with Squeaky and defeated his Charmander with Bulby.

Squeaky basically destroyed everything in Viridian Forest. I switch-trained Zip a bit, up to Level 9, but he really won’t see much use for now. My main stars are Squeaky here and Bulby for Pewter Gym.

Pewter Gym was a breeze. No training needed. Just take Level 13 Bulby into the Gym and 1- or 2-shot everything with Vine Whip. Easy win compared to Minus’ attempt in LeafGreen.

Move on to Route 3 and carefully defeat everyone using Squeaky and Bulby. Catch a Nidoran male here named Neo.

I had planned to catch a Nidoran female here too…but then I looked up the encounter rate…1%. I’m not planning to spend eternity here trying to find Cleo. So I discovered that my best bet is to wait until Fuchsia City’s Safari Zone to catch a Nidoran female. I guess that piece of my story will be inconsistent with the in-game run…but oh well.

I picked up the Magikarp in the Pokémon Center in front of Mt. Moon. My mistake was not saving first so I could get the correct gender. I had last saved after Pewter Gym. I ended up with a female Magikarp rather than the male I had wanted. My solution? Plus isn’t very smart, so he’ll just think it’s male until it evolves and Minus notices that it’s female. So we have Gary the female Magikarp.

Use Bulby and Squeaky to wreck most everything in Mt. Moon. Bulby evolves into an Ivysaur after the first Team Rocket battle, though in the story he evolves at the fossil maniac. Oh well.

I ended up catching two Clefairy, male Peppy and female Sweetie, on my way through Mt. Moon. I first caught Sweetie and discovered that she had a Moon Stone on her. I caught Peppy in the hopes that he’d have one too but no dice. Sweetie may become important later since I currently have three Moon Stones, with two being reserved for Neo and Cleo. Since she used Attract on Bulby successfully, perhaps it will be a future pairing?

Reach the fossil maniac and pick up the Helix Fossil, since Minus has the Dome Fossil. Whether Omanyte will be part of the team is unknown yet.

Go outside to Route 4 and have Squeaky learn Mega Punch from the move tutor. Move on to Cerulean City, box the Clefairys, and battle Blue. Defeat him and train Neo as I battle through Nugget Bridge. Defeat the Team Rocket guy at the end. Now I’m caught up to Minus’ place in LeafGreen.

Still sad I don’t have Cleo. Had I realized this, I might’ve just caught Cleo in LeafGreen. Too late for that now.


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