Minus: Kanto 3

Continuing from Nugget Bridge and the Team Rocket guy, I moved on through Route 24 and 25. I trained Speckle the Paras, keeping him at the front of my party to prepare him for Misty’s Gym.

Fun fact: I’ve never beaten Misty in a Kanto game before. Ever. Today I plan to change this twice over.

Cue the whole save-Bill-from-being-a-Clefairy sequence. And getting the S.S. Anne Ticket. Run back to Cerulean City, heal my party, and purchase all the Potions and Super Potions I can.

Now for Cerulean Gym.

Misty’s gym trainers were easy. Two Bullet Seeds apiece from my Level 18 Paras, Speckle. The rest of my team is useless in this gym, so Speckle is really my only hope. Once the gym trainers were beaten, Speckle was Level 19.

Misty’s Staryu was easy to defeat. I’m glad I made her waste her Super Potion on it and not her Starmie. It took a while but Speckle managed to defeat Staryu.

Starmie was another story. Swift almost wrecked my life. I was dangerously close to losing Speckle three times in the course of my hitting it with Bullet Seed.

Worst of all? Speckle seemed to only want to strike two or three times in a row. He only hit five times once and that was against Staryu before the Super Potion was used.

It took a long while but I did it. I finally beat Misty. Soloed her whole gym with Speckle the Paras, who grew to Level 20 after that, almost Level 21.

Next I ran to the house robbed by Team Rocket. The grunt was easy to beat with Speckle and Torch. I taught the Dig TM to Sandy, since that will do wonders for Lt. Surge’s gym up next.

Cue another heal, a quick run through Route 5 and the underground path to Route 6. That is where I’ve stopped, with both Speckle and Torch at Level 21, my strongest duo. Sandy is up front so she can be ready to defeat Lt. Surge for me in Vermilion City.


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