Plus: Kanto 3

This was done immediately after I did LeafGreen for Minus.

So I went through Route 24 and 25. At the second hiker on Route 25, Neo evolved into a Nidorino. As per in-story events, I immediately used a Moon Stone to evolve him into a Nidoking. He proceeded to wreck almost everything on those routes for me (at least what Bulby couldn’t wreck, like Machops and Slowpokes).

Cue the Bill event with the Clefairy thing. And the S.S. Anne Ticket getting.

Now for Cerulean City Gym and Misty, my not-so-nemesis now. I decided to use Squeaky the Pikachu for most of this so he’d level up. He killed everything except Misty’s Starmie, who OHKOed him with Swift.

So Bulby killed it in two shots with Vine Whip and grew to Level 22. Starmie didn’t use any Psychic-type moves, which was why I was scared to use Bulby. Sweet!

Healed and went to the robbed house. Neo and Bulby defeated the grunt easily. Healed again and ran through Route 5 to hit the underground path to Route 6. Stopped on the same spot as Minus is at.

I was tempted to get a Meowth. Maybe for Minus? Not sure yet.


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