Minus: Kanto 4

Going on to Route 6 with this team: Level 9 Sandshrew (Sandy), Level 15 Mankey (Savage), Level 21 Charmeleon (Torch), and Level 21 Paras (Speckle)

I decided that I would have Minus catch a Meowth in honor of the one that is in the house in Alola, Gen 7. Whether this one will be that Meowth or not is unknown to me right now. I’m catching a female in case it is not that Meowth. It is a Level 10 female Meowth named Penny, for the coin on her head obviously.

Cue another run to Cerulean City to heal, then onto fighting all of the Route 6 trainers. Sandy will be up front, switch-training so she can be strong enough to defeat Lt. Surge at the Vermilion Gym.

Level 10 Sandy took out a Picnicker’s Level 16 Pikachu all by herself with Dig and Scratch. Yay!

Defeated all of the Route 6 trainers. Sandy is Level 13 and Torch is Level 22. Enter Vermilion City and heal. Get the Bike Voucher, Old Rod, and Vs Seeker from in town. Buy a bunch of Super Potions and Poké Balls.

Off to the S.S. Anne! I’m so glad there is a healing lady here because there are so many battles in this place!

Speckle seems to have overcome his tendency to only hit twice with Bullet Seed. He also dodges confusion or is immune to the effect completely. And Level 18 Sandy managed to OHKO a Level 23 Pikachu on the ship!

These are my levels after finishing all of the trainers on the ship: Level 20 Sandshrew (Sandy), Level 10 Meowth (Penny), Level 16 Mankey (Savage), Level 23 Paras (Speckle), and Level 22 Charmeleon (Torch). I’m at 6 hours 6 minutes in the game.

Off to heal. Now to face my rival, Blue. Pidgeotto was defeated by Torch with Ember, though Sand-Attack made Torch miss a lot of his attacks. Speckle took Wartortle down with Bullet Seed. I tried to use Savage for Raticate but it managed to knock her out with two Hyper Fangs, so Torch finished it off with Scratch since Savage got it to low health with Karate Chop. Speckle took down Kadabra with two Leech Life attacks.

Speckle evolved right after the rival battle into Parasect. I’ve never trained or evolved one before. Happy day!

Went up to the Captain’s room, rubbed his back, and got the Cut HM. I taught it to Penny so I can get into Vermilion Gym. Cue one final heal on the ship and off we go. Bye S.S. Anne!

Bought some Super Potions, Poke Balls, and Paralyze Heals. Then cut the tree down by the gym and go in. Sandy is up front to hopefully OHKO all the trainer ‘mons. I’ve got Torch on standby for the Magnemites and Voltorbs that may cause trouble.

And Sandy OHKOs everything with Dig, even the Engineer’s Voltorb and Magnemite. Now I need to survive this puzzle, which I’ve never done and have heard is frustrating as all get-out. Gaaah! Starting at 6 hours 29 minutes in the game.

It took three attempts to get it both right. If I picked a bin I did not check for the second, I got it wrong. It was always a bin I had already checked for the second switch. Wow… At 6 hours 32 minutes in the game.

Now to face Lt. Surge. His Raichu is all I’m worried about, pretty sure I can OHKO everything else he has.

OHKO Voltorb. OHKO Pikachu, despite two Double Teams raising its evasion. Fail to OKHO Raichu, triggering the Super Potion. Cue lots of Double Team use and a miss from Dig. Cue a third Dig that crits and defeats the Raichu in one hit. Oh yeah!

Sandy evolves into a Sandslash after this battle and is nearly Level 23.

Get the badge and TM, go heal, and head for Route 11 to the east. Save game.


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