Minus: Kanto 5

I’ve decided to play through LeafGreen entirely instead of switching back and forth between FR and LG. I’ll pick up FR right after LG is done, so I can complete Minus’ journey and know what happens to her since she is the primary fighter in my story.

So I’m on Route 11 just past Vermilion City. I’m at 6 hours 43 minutes in the game. My team consists of a Level 23 Charmeleon (Torch), a Level 24 Parasect (Speckle), a Level 22 Sandslash (Sandy), a Level 16 Mankey (Savage), and a Level 10 Meowth (Penny) who carries Cut for my team right now. I have Savage up front so she can gain some levels.

I’m rapidly recalling how effective Sandy is against most of the trainer ‘mons in this area–Fire, Poison, Electric… Geez!

I leave the area with Savage at Level 20 and Sandy at Level 24. I can’t go east thanks to the Snorlax and I only have 11 ‘mons in my Dex, so no Itemfinder right now. I’ll need to double back later for it.

All I can do is go heal in Vermilion and then go into Diglett’s Cave. Putting Speckle up front due to Arena Trap. I have no interest in catching a Diglett or Dugtrio right now since Sandy covers all my Ground-type needs currently.

Fighting four Diglett put Speckle to Level 25. Then I encountered a Level 29 Dugtrio that nearly killed Speckle with Fury Swipes and Sand Tomb. I may have caught it if Bullet Seed wasn’t a multi-hit attack and Effect Spore wasn’t so random. It fell asleep at 3HP right before Bullet Seed hit it. Oh well…

Now I’m in the area of Pewter City I couldn’t get to because I didn’t have Cut. I got no Abra, so no Mr. Mime trade for me. Enter Pewter City, heal, then go to the house by the museum and get the Old Amber. Now back to that area of Pewter City, go to the south Cut tree, and get the Flash HM from the Professor’s Aide because I’ve caught more than 10 ‘mons. Yay!

After some serious thought, I’ve decided to simply catch Plus’ Nidoran female Cleo in LeafGreen rather than wait to get to Fuchsia City. So off to Route 3 to get Cleo. Good thing I didn’t level Penny up. She should be able to catch Cleo easily.

And she did. One critical hit Scratch, some poison damage, and two Poke Balls. Cleo will be put at the head of my party once we get back through Diglett’s Cave so she can be a Nidoqueen ASAP.

Used two Repels to race through Diglett’s Cave on the way back. Back in Vermilion City. Cleo is at the front of the party now. Also taught Penny Flash so Rock Tunnel isn’t as difficult to get through. Run back to Cerulean City through the underground path and exchange my Bike Voucher for a bicycle.

I was tempted to try and catch an Abra to replace Flutter, but Sandy should be good enough to get through Koga’s Gym. And he’s a good ways away right now, so I shouldn’t worry about him.

Through the robbed house I go and into Route 9 past the Cut tree. Now to battle Route 9’s trainers!

My team: Level 25 Parasect (Speckle), Level 24 Sandslash (Sandy), Level 23 Charmeleon (Torch), Level 20 Mankey (Savage), Level 10 Meowth (Penny), and Level 6 Nidoran female (Cleo).

Cleo evolves into Nidorina three trainers from the end of the route. I evolved her immediately after that with a Moon Stone into a Nidoqueen. I used her on the remaining three trainers since all of them had Pokémon weak to Fighting moves on their teams. Woot woot for Double Kick!

After that’s done, keeping moving forward to the Pokémon Center ahead on Route 10 to heal. There’s another Aide here but I don’t have 20 ‘mons, so I’ll need to come back later for the Everstone he has. There’s also another trainer in front of Rock Tunnel, who I beat easily with Sandy and Cleo.

My team currently: Level 25 Charmeleon (Torch), Level 25 Parasect (Speckle), Level 24 Sandslash (Sandy), Level 20 Mankey (Savage), Level 19 Nidoqueen (Cleo), and Level 10 Meowth (Penny) with the Cut and Flash HMs on her. I’m at 8 hours 15 minutes in-game.


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