Prepping for PokeBank Upgrade

I’m finishing postgame stuff in Alpha Sapphire and Y in preparation for the Sun/Moon PokeBank update.  I’ve got most of my Wonder Trade stuff and everything I’ve transferred from my previous gen games (Emerald, Diamond, Platinum, Black, White 2) in PokeBank already. I’m currently Wonder Trading all my extra stuff that I don’t care about in Alpha Sapphire.

Wonder Trading is fun, the mystery of it all. I only ever got one shiny from it, but I’ve gotten a few Level 100s and some other cool bred things. Takes a while now, though. It should be more exciting once the update happens and we can start Wonder Trading from X/Y, ORAS, and S/M together. Yay!

Also, did everyone enjoy that big, beautiful full moon on Friday the thirteenth? I did~!


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