Fetus Feebas

So I’m Wonder Trading in Alpha Sapphire right now, as I mentioned in this post. I was getting far too many Wurmple and I was getting frustrated. I’m typing I Skype to my friends, letting them know what I’m getting.

Keep in mind, I’ve been doing this for two hours now.

I just got done pitching a fit because I got ANOTHER Wurmple in Wonder Trade. I Wonder Trade it away and get really happy because I get a Feebas. I’m typing to my friends and talking to myself…because I do that. Shut up.

I type this: “Finally, something new! A Feebas!”

I say this: “Finally, something new! A fetus!”

I proceed to freeze, realize what I said, and type it in Skype so my friends can laugh at me. I’m still laughing. I’m so happy that I’m alone right now.

Wonder Trading is fun. So many things happen to me during it.

P.S. I kept that Feebas. It’s the Fetus Feebas now.


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