Youthful Activities

Apparently this week, my mom and Jo had many deep conversations about how they did all work and didn’t enjoy life much.

Today in town, mom brought it up while shopping. We ended up getting ingredients for cookies, cakes, Rice Krispy bars, and other sweets for baking. When we got home, we set up the old puzzle table and spent the next two hours putting together a puzzle. We made Rice Krispy bars.

Then mom and Jo brought up something they planned to do at 10PM on the dot–run streaking in the snow outside and make snow angels.

Don’t ask, I don’t know why they wanted to do it.

But, as of ten minutes ago, they did it.

I didn’t watch but I listened. They were indeed naked. They did make snow angels on the front lawn. They were very cold when they came in. Mom decided to sit on me to prove her butt was cold. Not fun.

What a strange evening…


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