Minus: Kanto 6

Ooh! Penny got me a Rare Candy just as I was about to enter Rock Tunnel. Sometimes I really love Pickup!

Got Cleo the Nidoqueen up front so she can keep leveling up. Savage the Mankey is next up for back-up. Let’s get into Rock Tunnel!

Running from all the wild ‘mons so I can save my Fighting move PP for trainers. Might use my Repels if encounters get too numerous.

Once Cleo hits Level 24, I switch her out for Savage so she can level up too. Running from wilds ‘mons has yet to fail. Yay!

Found the Rock Slide move tutor. I decided to teach Cleo Rock Slide so she can help Sandy against Fire-types.

And there! Out of Rock Tunnel!

Of course, there are still trainers to beat before I can enter Lavender Town so I’ll do that.

And now I’m in Lavender Town! Hooray!

My team currently: Level 27 Parasect (Speckle), Level 26 Charmeleon (Torch), Level 25 Mankey (Savage), Level 24 Nidoqueen (Cleo), Level 24 Sandslash (Sandy), and Level 10 Meowth. In-game time is 9 hours 11 minutes.

Nothing much to do in Lavender Town right now aside from fighting Blue in the tower, so I’ll just move on west to Route 7 and 8 to train more. I have Savage out front so I can hopefully get her to evolve into a Primeape. I will attempt to catch a Vulpix here too…because I love Vulpix…

Used a Great Ball to catch a Level 15 male Vulpix named Lyric. He won’t be used much since I have Torch as my primary Fire-type, but I’ve always loved Vulpix and Ninetales. Boxed for the moment until I get a Fire Stone and decide to level him up appropriately.

First Double Battle was easy to beat. Savage and Cleo took those Normal-types out fast.


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