Minus: Kanto 7

Continuing in LeafGreen at long last. 20 days since the draft for the last entry was completed. Here I go again for Minus.

To recap: Minus hit Lavender Town, moving on to Route 7 and Route 8. Just completed a Double Battle. Moving toward Celadon City.

Party recap: Level 27 Charmeleon (Torch), Level 27 Parasect (Speckle), Level 26 Mankey (Savage), Level 24 Sandslash (Sandy), Level 24 Nidoqueen (Cleo), and Level 10 Meowth (Penny).

Savage just massacred many Meowths. RIP Penny’s kin…

Once I beat all of the trainers on Route 8, I head north to the underground path leading to Route 7. Route 7 has no trainers, so I breeze straight to Celadon City.

After healing, it’s time to run around and collect stuff–Tea, Coin Case, etc. The important plot and side-quest stuff in Celadon.

Going into the back of Celadon Mansion netted me a male Level 25 Eevee. His name is going to be Zapper (originally Zipper but since Plus has a Rattata named Zip, I decided to change it) since I plan to evolve him into a Jolteon. Penny has been boxed temporarily to fetch him.

Off to the MegaMart for shopping. Got a Fire Stone for Lyric and a Thunderstone for Zapper. There’s no real reason to delay, so I evolved Zapper then and there. Then I went to the roof to buy drinks from the vending machine so I can get the TMs for Light Screen, Reflect, and Safeguard from the thirsty little girl here. I don’t have any use for them at the moment but it wasn’t expensive to get the drinks, so why not?

I go back to the Pokémon Center to switch Zapper for Penny. I’ll need Cut in the Gym. Torch will get exclusive glory here. Time to head for the gym and fight Erika.

Torch starts this gym at Level 29, close to Level 30. Will he evolve after this gym? We’ll see. I doubt it but we’ll see. If not, I’ll be close enough that the Game Corner should put me there.

Torch is OHKOing everything but the Oddish in terms of gym trainers. I have to use Antidotes and Paralyze Heals for status conditions, gaah. Good thing  bought plenty of those before coming in here.

Once I get to Erika and the two girls flanking her, I heal Torch and use an Ether to ensure I have enough Embers to knock them all out. The girls are easy, though the second ones Gloom takes two Embers to beat.

Erika’s Victreebel and Vileplume each take two hits to defeat. Tangela is an OHKO. I only had to use one Paralyze Heal, against Victreebel. Torch has grown to Level 33 in this gym. I now have the Rainbow Badge and the Giga Drain TM.

After I heal, it’s time to head to the Game Corner. I grab up the 100 coins near the print machine and the 50 coins gained from talking to all the gamers. Then I bought a further 600 from the counter with $12000 I had on-hand. Going around and pressing A on every square in the room will net you 240 coins too. While I’m not too interested in the item prizes, the TMs, Dratini, and Porygon strike my fancy. I may attempt to get more coins for these later.

Time to go switch Penny for Zapper sice we’ll be taking on Team Rocket now. I teach him the Shock Wave TM that  have since I cannot acquire a Thunderbolt TM and Zapper will need Electric-type moves to beat Flying-types for me.

My team currently: Level 33 Charmeleon (Torch), Level 27 Parasect (Speckle), Level 26 Mankey (Savage), Level 25 Sandslash (Sandy), Level 24 Nidoqueen (Cleo), and Level 25 Jolteon (Zapper).

Talking to the Rocket grunt at the back prompts the usual villain fight. Zapper 2HKOs the Zubat and Savage grows to Level 27. I activate the switch and head down into Team Rocket’s Secret Hideout.


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