Mass WTing event here

Now that the PokeBank update is out, guess what I’m doing~!

Separated all my WT stuff from all my old teams, currently separating WT stuff into keeps and WTing fodders. 24 boxes of stuff to sort through, as of last night. 13 boxes of old teams, event stuff, and absolute-keep stuff, all on PokeBank right now.

Sorted through a box and a half of WT stuff last night that I had transferred to Moon. Got about 3 boxes of stuff I don’t really care for from an old evolve-them-all run I did in X not long after X/Y released. Gonna WT that now and see all the cool stuff I get now!

All in one post too. Only WTing once for each ‘mon, I’ll sort through those this week and re-WT next weekend. lol

Let’s go.

First, a Horsea that I got in WT. I had so many Horseas… Got a Level 1 Mudbray!

German Seadra now, got a Kingdra so I don’t need it. Also have a Japanese Horsea with its exact moveset. …Got a Japanese Golett!

Generic Torchic, nothing special with this one. …Got a German Drifloon!

Another generic Torchic, though this one has Speed Boost. I have quite a few Speed Boost Torchics already. …Got a German Mimikyu! OMG yes! I’ve had so much trouble trying to find one!!

Speed Boost Blaziken next. Again, see above for explanation. This one was just trained and evolved. …Got a Japanese Sandygast! Yet another I had yet to catch myself. Yay!

Another Speed Boost Blaziken. See above, again, for explanation. …Got a Japanese Porygon!

A generic Level 1 Mienfoo next. …Got a Clauncher!

A caught-wild Mienfoo, Level 15. Got no need of it with a Mienshao of my own. …A Honedge! Like I don’t have a dozen of those already but oh well.

A bred Aerodactyl named Screech. Got another with its moveset already. …Got a French Riolu!

A generic revived Aerodactyl. …Got a Squirtle!

A Torkoal named Trent, Level 45. …Got a Charmander! Again, not like I don’t have a dozen of those already. Oh well.

German wild-caught Ralts. …Got a Magnemite! Named Wonderlocke, guess I know where that came from.

Generic wild-caught Ralts. I have many of these, so enjoy. …Got a Mareanie! Another that I didn’t catch yet. Yay!

Another generic wild-caught Ralts. …Got a Japanese Pyukumuku!

Another generic wild-caught Ralts. …Got an Aipom! Haven’t seen that in a while. Cool!

Another generic wild-caught Ralts. …Got another Japanese Sandygast! In a Beast Ball, too!

Another generic wild-caught Ralts. …Got a Noibat!

A Japanese Kirlia, nothing special about it. …Got a Gastly!

A Japanese bred Kirlia, but I already have a Ralts with its exact moveset. …Got a Litten! My second over WT.

A generic Gardevoir, nothing special about it. …Got a Spanish Gible! Again, I have so many of those already.

Another Gardevoir, this one with bred moves that effect stats, which I don’t battle with. …Got a German Yungoos!

Another bred Gardevoir, but I have a Ralts with its moves already. …Got a German Mareanie!

A generic Whiscash that I evolved over on Y. Got bred Barboach so I don’t need it. …Got a French Yungoos!

A Spanish wild-caught Zigzagoon. …Got a Japanese Shellder! At Level 52 too, wtf?!

A generic wild-caught Zigzagoon. …Got a German Magikarp!

A French generic wild-caught Zigzagoon. …Got a Nosepass! One with a numbered name: 1999. Not Level 1, so someone is shiny-chaining? IDK.

Generic Linoone. …Got a French Magikarp!

Another generic Linoone, this one from my evolve-them-all run in Y. Named him Zaggers, lol. …Got a French Charmander!

A generic Feebas. I already have a bred Milotic, so I don’t need it. …Got a German Salandit! Level 41 too, wtf? This will be good for shiny breeding.

Another generic Feebas. …Got an Alolan Vulpix! My second in WTing here. Bred too, sweet!

A bred Larvitar, but I already have a Tyranitar with its egg move. …Got an Eevee! And it’s in a Dive Ball, wtf?

A Japanese bred Larvitar, but my same Tyranitar also has its egg move on it. …Got a Spanish Pikipek!

A generic bred Larvitar. …Got a Japanese Scyther! In a Beast Ball, of course. lol

Generic Delibird, Level 38. …Got a Magnemite! Named iNovableHD. Is that a Youtuber? IDK.

The generic Delibird that I caught in my evolve-them-all run in Y. Named him Postal, lol. …Got an Italian Carbink! Gaaaah! (I have much dislike of Carbinks due to an incident in Y while catching one, it’s a joke to my friends)

A generic Japanese wild-caught Whismur. …Got a German Alolan Diglett!

A generic wild-caught Whismur named CheekyMonkey, at Level 15. …Got a German Baltoy!

A Japanese generic wild-caught Whismur. …Got another Yungoos! So many of these…

A generic Loudred. …Got a Japanese Abra! Yay!

That’s all that I’ve managed to sort. All that is left are the ones I caught and evolved for my evolve-them-all challenge in Y once upon a time. I’ve kept my starters and a few other special ones. The rest will be WTed here. They are all wild-caught from Y, so nothing special but time and a nickname. Trainer OT is Claude.

Exploud, Stereo, Level 40. …Got a Spanish Tepig! In a Beast Ball too, wow.

Druddigon, Thorn, Level 63. …Got a German Abra!

Aggron, Vengeance, Level 42. …Got a Chinese Litleo! That’s new. Haven’t gotten any Chinese ‘mons before.

Skarmory, Ironsides, Level 58. …Got a Japanese Alolan Vulpix!

Dewgong, Stream, Level 30. …Got a German Stufful! Another I had yet to catch myself.

Pidgeot, Ruffle, Level 36. …Got a Japanese Nidoran female!

Ninjask, Hopper, Level 20. …Got a French Magikarp! So many of these too…

Staraptor, Stellar, Level 34. …Got a Japanese Cutiefly!

Spritzee, Cologne, Level 14. Unevolved because I couldn’t trade with a friend. …Got a Popplio! In a Beast Ball too. Sweet!

Krookodile, Sandy, Level 40. …Got a French Finneon!

Cloyster, Grady, Level 25. …Got an Alolan Rattata!

Ampharos, Marshall-tin, Level 30. …Got a Spanish yellow Oricorio!

Mothim, Bernard, Level 20. …Got another Alolan Vulpix! Is there no love for Alolan Sandshrew or something??

Gothitelle, Monet, Level 51. …Got a Japanese Cottonee!

Poliwrath, Spiral, Level 25. …Got a Caterpie!

Shuckle, Sherlocke, Level 44. …Got a Spanish Alolan Meowth!

Seaking, The Baron, Level 33. …Got a Spanish Miltank! What is with all the Spanish stuff today?

Abomasnow, Snowberry, Level 40. …Got a Spanish Vullaby!

Pelipper, Pelly, Level 25. …Got a Smeargle! And it has Razor Leaf on it. Cool.

Yanmega, Radar, Level 33. …Got a French Fletchling. Again, I have so many of those, gaaah.

Cryogonal, Shuro, Level 40. …Got another Spanish Yungoos! *scream*

Liepard, Perfect, Level 36. …Got an Oddish!

Magcargo, Molten, Level 38. …Got a Golbat! I already have so many of those, too.

Beartic, Polar, Level 39. …Got a Rufflet! That’s both of the BW/B2W2 birds for me from today’s WT session, lol.

Crawdaunt, Viceroy, Level 33. …Got another German Magikarp! Gaaaah!

Gengar, Dax, Level 33. …Got a Jangmo-o! Aaaaaah! I needed that one too!

Swoobat, Cupid, Level 43. …Got a Joltik! Eeee! I love those guys! They’re so cute!

Hippowdon, Chub, Level 34. …Got an Alolan Exeggutor! So tall that its head is offscreen in the trade screen, lol. I love that~!

Hawlucha, Luchador, Level 19. …Got a Japanese Lillipup!

Throh, forgot to name him, Level 22. …Got another Alolan Rattata!

Furret, Tommy, Level 16. …Got another Gible!

Vileplume, Wanderus, Level 21. …Got a Spanish Slowpoke. Their PokeDex entry here in Moon is so sad.

Machamp, Macho Man, Level 28. …Got another Alolan Vulpix! So many…

Nidorino, Patriarch, Level 18. …Got a Fennekin! Yay! My fav Gen 6 starter!

Banette, Claude, Level 48. …Got a Japanese Mimikyu! Yay!

Vanilluxe, Vanilla, Level 47. …Got a Korean Scyther! I’ve only ever gotten a few Korean ‘mons, actually.

Lanturn, Lumina, Level 27. …Got a German Alolan Meowth!

Mantine, Zara, Level 28. …Got a Cubone! Wonder if the Marowak will be Alolan or not. Probably, but you never know. I’ll look at his summary later to see.

Corsola, Purity, Level 35. …Got another Popplio! Nobody be WTng any Rowlets, huh? I see how it is.

Alomomola, Nursemaid, Level 35. …Got another Litten! So many of these precious babies!

Wailord, Titanica, Level 40. …Got a French Roggenrola!

Sharpedo, Snicker, Level 30. …Got a Crabrawler!

Tentacruel, Lurk, Level 30. …Got a Minior! Another I hadn’t caught yet. Cool! It’s orange too.

Swanna, Gloria, Level 35. …Got a Granbull!

I’ve still got one box of these ‘mons to trade but that will have to wait until next weekend. I’ve got to go back to the dorm for the week. I hope you enjoyed!


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