WTing again, last three boxes

Last three boxes of junk WTs currently. Let’s see if I can get through it all today!

Sandshrew from Emerald, unneeded. …Masquerain! At least it isn’t another Surskit.

Wild-caught Sandshrew, probably from ORAS. …A Wingull! Ugh.

Bred Poliwag. …A Rockruff! Okay, maybe less of those too? A Midday Lycanroc would be cool instead.

German bred Poliwag at Level 51, good move set but I have a better Poliwrath with that move set. …A Pelipper! Ugh.

Japanese bred Poliwag. …A Magikarp! Ugh.

Wild-caught Electrike from ORAS. …A Pikipek! Again? Starting to pop up too much too, guuh.

Another wild-caught Electrike. …A Miltank! Cool.

Bred Electrike with Lightningrod ability. …A Torkoal! Cool. Named Chartor, lol. As in “charred tortoise”? IDK.

Manectric from my evolve-them-all Y run, named Static. …An Eevee! God, enough of these!

Bred Trapinch, got a better Flygon with its move set. …A Metapod! Really? Really?? Named “female symbol” multiple times, wow. Creative much?

Wild-caught Chinchou. …A Wingull! Ugh.

Bred Dratini with Dragon Rush, already have a few of those bred from HG/SS. …A Misdreavus! Finally something cool and version-exclusive again. Japanese too, ooh.

Korean Sealeo, got a better Walrein. …A Spritzee! Haven’t seen that in a while. Cool.

Bred Shroomish with Bullet Seed. …A Yungoos! Okay, not too horrible but getting up there.

Wild-caught Weedle named String bug. …A Wingull! Ugh.

Level 20 Beedrill that only knows Harden. …A Darkrai! WTF? OMG! It looks shiny too, I think. IT IS SHINY! OMG WTF?! *freaking out* Second shiny over WT and it’s Legendary! OMG! I suddenly feel bad for WTing them a Beedrill that only knows Harden. 😦 Thank you, isleep2late!

Spanish Beedrill. …A Squirtle! At least it isn’t a Charmander.

French Beedrill. …A Staryu! Cool.

Wild-caught French Nincada. …A Trevenant! Ugh, got so many already.

Japanese Shedinja because I have a better one. …A Gible! So many though, ugh.

Male Combee named Vespaqueen. …A Litten! Getting a lot of these, wow. Poor babies. Ooh, German, I’ll be keeping him for shiny breeding.

Another male Combee. …A Miltank! Not bad yet, so cool.

Last male Combee named SIR BUZZ. …A Lillipup! Cool.

Wild-caught Wurmple named Memeolous. …An Abra! Japanese too, cool.

Japanese wild-caught Wurmple. …A Yungoos! Okay, getting too many of them now. Please stop.

Wild-caught Silcoon. …A Masquerain! Again? Geez.

Wild-caught Cascoon. …A Shellder! Getting a few too many of those too. Though this one is Japanese.

Wild-caught Volbeat. …An Alolan Rattata! Ugh.

Japanese wild-caught Durant. …Another Litten! Poor baby.

Level 34 Crustle, unneeded as I have a better one. …Another Abra! This one has Magic Guard, but still kinda ugh. So many.

Bred Growlithe. …Another Mimikyu! So much for being rare, lol.

Another bred Growlithe, have one with its move set already. …A Mudbray! French too. Cool.

Japanese Litleo. …Another Abra! Please stop, please?

Chinese Litleo. …A Japanese Fomantis! Cool.

Bred Ninetales, have better ones and one with its move set. …A Crabrawler! Not bad but it’s getting there.

Wild-caught Pansear. …Another Pikipek! Ugh.

Wild-caught Makuhita from ORAS named Gutsy. …An Alolan Grimer! Okay, these are also starting to become too common in WT for me.

Another wild-caught Makuhita. …A Minior! Blue too. Sweet. Anything but orange again.

Bred Machop, got a better Machamp with its move set. …An Oricorio! Yellow, though. But it’s German, so I’ll keep it.

Wild-caught Deino. …A Wimpod! Cool, these are cool. 🙂

Bred Deino. …A Snorunt! French too. Cool.

Another bred Deino. …A Gastly! Cool. French also, lol.

Wild-caught Druddigon, Level 59. …A Cubone! Okay, getting too many of these now too. Guh.

Bred Spoink. …Another Gible! Ugh. It’s named P. Wow.

Wild-caught Tynamo from my White game, named ChainShock. …A Spearow! Ugh.

Wild-caught Stunfisk with an OT of TheJelliborne. …An Alolan Vulpix! Another in a Beast Ball. Ugh.

Wild-caught Lotad from ORAS. …An Alolan Exeggutor! Cool.

Japanese bred Lotad. …Another Masquerain! Three in one day? WTF? At least this one is German.

Another bred Lotad, this one named Lilypad. …A Ledyba! Okay, enough bugs please? It’s named Hogo, WTF?

Ludicolo from my Y evolve-them-all run, named Polka. …A Gumshoos! At least it isn’t a Yungoos, but still.

Bred Roselia. …A Rowlet! English this time, oh well. Cool.

Wild-caught Roselia from ORAS. …A Rockruff! Okay, not bad yet but still want a Midday Lycanroc. Gah.

Japanese bred Bellsprout. …Another Abra! Please stop, gaaah.

Wild-caught Petilil, Level 39. …A Magikarp! Ugh.

Traded Petilil from my White game, the in-game trade by Dye. …A Rowlet! From a player called Go die. Checking to see if that’s the OT’s name now. It is, wow. Poor baby.

Wild-caught Japanese Carnivine. …A Pichu! Cool, haven’t seen that in here yet.

Wild-caught Spanish Carnivine. …A Togedemaru! That’s maybe my second or third one, so cool.

Wild-caught Flabebe. …A Ledian! Level 27 too. Cool.

Wild-caught Korean Flabebe. …A Misdreavus! Cool, my second one ever in S/M. And it’s Chinese, ooh.

Wild-caught Flabebe named Dicks. …A Cutiefly! Cool.

Wild-caught German Flabebe. …A Grubbin! Cool.

Wild-caught Spanish Flabebe, last one. …Another Magikarp! Ugh.

Japanese bred Aron. …Another Gastly! Okay, maybe getting a few too many of those now too.

Another bred Aron. …A Goomy! Yay! Those are always fun.

Last bred Aron, named IronGodzilla. …An Alolan Meowth! But I have so many now.

Octillery, I’ve got a better one. …An Alolan Diglett! Cool.

Bred Shellder. …Another Alolan Grimer! Please stop, guuuh.

French Crawdaunt. …A Makuhita! That’s okay, I guess.

Quagsire from my evolve-them-all Y run, named Punisher. …A Caterpie! Ugh.

Quagsire from my White game, named Sir Quag but it’s female. …A Yungoos! Ugh.

Bred Skrelp. …A Fearow! Ugh.

Wild-caught Gligar in a Master Ball. …Another Alolan Meowth! Please stop, gaah.

Wild-caught Gligar from my White game, named Grell. …Another Cutiefly! Not bad yet but getting there.

Mamoswine from my Y evolve-them-all run, named Gregory. …An Ariados! Cool, that’s new. French too, double cool.

Wild-caught Sudowoodo from Y evolve-them-all run, named Oddy. …Another Alolan Grimer. Ugh.

French Beartic. …Another Pikipek! Ugh.

Wild-caught Tauros. …Another Gastly! Ugh.

Wild-caught Spinda. …An Absol! Cool, that’s not very common in here. 🙂

Wild-caught Bouffalant. …Another Cutiefly! Ugh.

German bred Minccino. …Another Magikarp! Ugh.

Wild-caught Dunsparce from my White 2 game, named Ross. …Another Mimikyu! Seriously? At least this one is Japanese, not English.

Japanese Ditto, Level 30. …Another Wingull! Ugh.

Level 49 wild-caught Ditto. …A Pelipper! Ugh.

Bred Sneasel. …Another Wingull! Ugh.

Level 40 wild-caught Sneasel. …A Litwick! Cool.


Bred Sneasel. …A Luvdisc! Cool.

AND THAT IS IT!! That was everything I had left of my junk WT ‘mons!

Now I get to sort through them, release any wild-caught ones and ones that I already have, and send what I’m keeping to PokeBank. Then maybe I’ll get around to actually shiny breeding stuff and WTing all the extras from that.

But we’ll see.


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